FAQ’s for David August Website
Q: How long does it take to get a custom suit from David August?

A: Our typical suit takes about six weeks from the time we measure you until the time we deliver it. In certain cases, we can accelerate this, however, over two decades of tailoring has taught us that you truly can't rush a good thing.

Q: How much does a David August custom suit cost?

A: We’ve found that one of our finely crafted suits probably costs as much as a typical off the rack suit that you’ve been wearing. It really depends on two things: The amount of handwork in your garment and the fabric you choose. Our beautiful Core Collection suits typically start around $2500, our Black Label Collection $3500 and Couture Collection begins at $4000.

Q: What about ready to wear?

A: At David August, we have long provided our clients with complete wardrobes for every occasion. That means that we might be custom tailoring tuxedos and golf shorts on any given day. We have searched the world for the best shoes, ties, cuff links, belts, swimwear, knits and denim. We are now able to offer some of those items online, via our Instagram feed.

Q: How do I go about building a David August wardrobe?

A: First of all, we always like to get your measurements and perfect your fit and determine where you are in your career and your life. Based on your first garment, we can help you determine what you need and in what order you need them. We also give clients a comprehensive guide to how all our wardrobe elements work together.

Q: How can I get started?

A: Just go to our contact us page and we'll be in touch within 24 hours!

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